Useful Information

Individual And Group Guidance Helps Students Deal With:

  • Bullying
  • Stress
  • Exam anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Moving to a new school
  • Making new friends
  • Difficulties at home etc…


What is the Role of the Guidance Teacher?

  • Performs duties as a teacher
  • Assists and guides students
  • Advises parents
  • Organises visits, talks, seminars etc…
  • Works under the direction of the College Counsellor


What is the Role Of The Guidance Teacher In Primary Schools?

  • Individual guidance
  • Class interventions
  • Information sessions for parents
  • Transition sessions, talks and activities (from kinder to year 1, year 4 to year 5 and year 6 to Year 7)


What is the Role Of The College Counsellor And Trainee Counsellor?

  • Responsible for the counselling services in the school
  • Liaises with Guidance teachers
  • Conduct personal counselling sessions with students
  • Advises parents
  • Makes referrals if and when required


What is the Role Of The Career Advisor?

  • Liaises with Guidance teachers in regards of careers related issue
  • Conduct career guidance and information sessions with students and parents
  • Facilitating students to develop their career plans and in improving their career path finding strategies and helping them with transitions
  • Liaises with supporting schools, colleges, training institutions, voluntary organisations and employers to keep up to date with the courses or employment requirements and respective procedures
  • Obtaining information about careers, occupations and opportunities for training, employment and further studies


What is the Role Of The Career Guidance Teacher?

  • Delivers career sessions to students  focusing on self-awareness (values, interests and skills), job market awareness and practical skills for entering the job market (interview skills, CV writing, etc)
  • Delivers one-to-one Career Guidance, particularly to Years 9,10 and 11, involving parents as necessary
  • Co-ordinates (with colleagues within central Career Guidance Section) visits to post-secondary institutions, particularly MCAST
  • Co-ordinates (with above mentioned colleagues) job exposure initiatives on a national scale with various sectors of the Job Market,   organising school-based interviewing sessions for student selection and monitoring of students during Job Exposure Week.


Activities Organised Annually By Guidance Teachers

  • Meetings for both students and parents on various topics such as bullying, alcohol, abuse, Year 9  Option choices, careers and information meetings with regards to post-secondary institutions amongst many others. Career orientation visits on various work places which culminate during the Job Exposure week during which all Year 10 students spend a whole week on a workplace getting a taste of the world of work
  • Above all, the guidance teacher is always ready to help the student develop holistically by acquiring new skills to move on successfully from one phase of life to the other



  • Each individual seeking help has a right for confidentiality. However, confidentiality may be breached whenever the personal safety of individual or others is at risk.
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